Sugarcane Harvester

Arb attachment is one of the major player for cane harvester manufacturing in India, Chidambaram, A small town situated Near pondicherry, Chidambaram (temple Town).was considered a global centre for the development and manufacture of the model F16 & F17 sugarcane harvester.All started when visionaire and industral machinery designer A.Rafi visited Chidamnaram in the year 2009.His vision was to bring in Local empowerment and Job opportunity since this town was very under developed and locals where suffering without any local industries,

it was founder vision to industrialise this town with harvester manufacturing facility in the year 2014.

In the year 2016 Factory was set up to manufacture F16 sugarcane harvester, R&D took three straight years to make the first working prototype of F16 after huge challenge's and set back, with over 2cr rupees as investment. First version of F16 was released, Now its fully developed with all the options that a harvester must have, for the fraction of cost of a Huge massive Harvester like u find now on the sugarcane fields.

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F16 Sugarcane Harvester

Top Leaf cutter

Cutter Blade height adjustment

Cane Lifer



Price Rs: 6.25 full option

All in one harvester, ready to run on your sugar field, Delivery 1 week,
on spot service, 

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Model F17 Sugarcane Harvester 

  • Harvester:
  • cut
  • clean
  • Billet
  • Load
  • Tractor:
  • 90HP
  • AC cabin
  • 4x4 drive

Price including Tractor : Rs:46 lac